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Liberal Arts Dude : Book Review of Indispensable Enemies: The Politics of Misrule in America

The bosses can neglect or sabotage outreach to new supporters. The party pros do not want enthusiastic new supporters if these supporters are likely to make unfamiliar and inconvenient demands. What they want is predictable, tried-and-true party regulars making specific, limited demands. Voter enthusiasm is not a good thing, but rather a problem to be solved.

The Obama campaign in 2008 brought out the new supporters in force. And what a force they were! Young, old, rich, poor – and everyone was enthusiastic. But where are their champions and organizers now? Where is the “change” that was the rallying cry? Oh, yes, and those “inconvenient demands” – you know – end the war, better days for the hard-working middle class…

Looks like another “victory” for the machine, now that the festivities are over, and it is back to business as usual.


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