Open Left : The Idiot’s Defense: “This Can’t Be True, Because If It Was, There’d Be Investigations and Arrests” David Sirota

blatant theft, corruption and cronyism no longer elicits “Watergate-style investigations, arrests and resignations.” It elicits high praise from the Establishment media and “nothing to see here” admonishments from politicians.

The absence of “Watergate-style investigations, arrests and resignations” proves nothing more than the fact that the Establishment is corrupt and the fact that we live in a kleptocracy. It proves that corruption, theft and cronyism are so pervasive that those evils are no longer even considered interesting or newsworthy, much less scandalous. In that sense, it doesn’t negate the facts about corruption, theft and cronyism – it actually provides corroborating circumstantial evidence that confirms them.

Things must be really bad when we all agree on something. But seriously, it is reassuring to find that others think corruption, theft and cronyism are pervasive in the political system as we know it.


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