Joel Smolen

Joel Smolen

Your Voice for Choice
Libertarian candidate for United States Congress
6th Congressional District
Marin and Sonoma, California

I’m Joel Smolen, Libertarian Candidate for the United States Congress for the 6th Congressional District

The Libertarian Party is called “The Party of Principle.” We combine the best aspects of the Democratic and Republican platforms:

We are the true party of Peace – we want to see our country standing as a light of freedom and democracy through out the world, with our armed forces providing protection for our boundaries, not projection of military might. Where our economic strength and democratic ideals resonates for all the world’s citizens. Where we compete economically with the rest of the world, which has been our historical strength, and has been admired and emulated by so many countries

Congress and the President over the past 8 years have created many bills which have eroded our Constitutional rights of privacy, and I will fight to protect our Constitutional freedoms which have been so seriously eroded over the past several years, and provide leadership to defend our free society.

We desperately need Educational reform, Tax Reform and fundamental Election reform.

Let’s not lose our way in this country with both Democratic and Republican Hollywood political campaigns, spending billions of dollars on Presidential and local candidates, when we have a war going on with tragic loss of human life, and many desperate and poor people in our communities in need.

It is time to look to a serious and forceful candidate who will provide fresh ideas, renewed energy, and will work diligently for the citizens of Marin and Sonoma counties.

  • If you support the traditional Democratic belief in protecting civil rights and liberties, personal choices, and individual freedom.
  • if you support the traditional Republican advocacy of small government, low taxes and a competitive economy
  • and if you value a transparent and responsive government

Vote for Joel Smolen for United States Congress for the 6th Congressional District.


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