Register as Independent

These are really good ideas so we will republish them one at a time now and then, as a reminder – there is always one more small thing that I can do to make a difference.

from J.D. Rosendahl’s article What Can Anyone Do About This Nightmare.

I believe it’s in the best interest of Americans to change their political alliance from Republican or Democrat to Independent status. Most people vote by party association without ever really thinking about the issues, or demanding far greater honesty of details about candidates and their views or their solutions.

If we became a nation of greater independent voters, we would make every politician earn the American vote. We would also reduce the power of the current two political parties who have great control over their members. Take away the party power and we might get more independent politicians who are free to do the right things.

Friends in other countries can’t imagine telling anyone your political affiliation, let alone registering it with the government! That is a complete anathema to the democratic process.


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