>7. Evaluating and Controlling Technology

>7. Evaluating and Controlling Technology

The Community Service Learning summaries are wonderful! Several students worked with their communities of interest – youth groups, sustainable farming, the California History Center. Others worked on the suggested projects – Project Gutenberg, Tar Heel Reader and Lingro dictionary.

Sorry, I forgot to ask earlier. Please post a brief summary of your project work to the Community Service Learning discussion – there is a wrap-up topic. The projects are great. It is really important for everyone to know what others have been doing. You worked hard on your project with your community partner. Now lets’ celebrate and tell your classmates!

These projects give you first-hand experience working with the power of computers and the internet to benefit society in many different ways. Some of you worked directly with the community who would benefit. For others, you don’t get to see who is benefiting from your work, but you are part of a large group of thousands of volunteers who are making something amazing happen that will benefit people all over the world for many years to come.

This week we will be looking at some broader issues. There are many issues that are less well defined than some we have explored. What are the implications for a global society when a very small percentage of the world population has access to computers and computing, while most other people do not? Will this imbalance lead to unrest or encourage the have-not’s to work harder to close the gap? There are people who have no interest in the benefits of computers in society and believe that we, as a society, are better off without the technology.

There are lots of interesting topics to think about, but they are less specific. This may be more difficult, but it is an opportunity to think about the future of technology and society too. They work together to produce big changes but will these changes be good, bad or both.

Please post a brief summary of your project work to the Community Service Learning discussion – there is a wrap-up topic.


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