Scenario – startup

Getting started

  • Read the Final project description – Final Projects – Public Relations for client :
  • Kick-off meeting – everyone is invited to participate in the virtual “client meeting” for the project. This will be held in the Catalyst discussion – Final Project discussion – Virtual Kick-off Meeting topic.

For the scenario project Public Relations for client :, there is a virtual project kick-off meeting. Representatives from the “client” and the “account reps” from your company are available to answer your questions and guide the discussion of how the PR project should progress.

  • Scenario: You work for a public relations (PR) company – What are some examples of public relations companies? What does a public relations company do for their clients? What do the employees do?
  • Client: – What is What public relations does WikiEducator have? What can a PR company do for them?
  • Deliverable: A “presentation” in the wiki. What information about WikiEducator can be presented in a wiki? How will this address the public relations needs of the “client” – WikiEducator?
  • Resources: What support and information will you need to great a great presentation for the client?
  • Assumptions: Because this is a scenario, you will not have access to all the information that you might have in “real life” but you can make assumptions about the situation, so you can finish your project. What assumptions are you making? Is there any information that helped you make these assumptions? Will your project presentation depend in these assumptions?

Additional resources for Scenario-Based Learning


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