healthcare what?

Everyone understands car insurance. You pay for operating and maintaining your car. You pay for auto insurance so that if you are ever in an accident, the insurance company will cover the expense of repairing your car as specified in the terms of your insurance policy.

With car insurance there are choices, and the market is competitive. You can pay a premium price to pay nothing to repair your car, or you can choose minimal to cover only others and write off your car if it has little repair value.

Healthcare is different. Operation and maintenance are included – well sort of.

The next big “improvement” promoted by the government at the direction of the healthcare insurance industry is to require that everyone purchase health insurance, even though they can’t afford it. Millions of people will be required to sign up. Big new revenues for the insurers.

This doesn’t address any of the problems – the costs, government interference and regulation that make health care unaffordable in the first place.


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