>kick-off …

>How are you funding your operation? Maintenance?

Much of the WikiEducator funding comes from contributions from member institutions. There is some grant support from foundations such as the Hewlett Foundation for specific projects. There is a small paid administrative and technical staff to oversee the work of the hundreds of volunteers responsible for operation and maintenance.

What is your community criteria based on? Is it effective in providing “facts” and valid information?

The WikiEducator community consists of interested educators, academic institutions and educational organizations. The primary basis is the acceptance of developing, collaborating and making content available under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License.

WikiEducator is effective in providing “facts” and valid information because the content is open. Everyone is encouraged to comment and collaborate on information.

Is there any concurrent challenges you are facing right now?

Like any not-for-profit organizations, WikiEducator has big ideas and less money than they would need to do everything. Sustainable funding sources need to be found and expanded. There are many areas of curriculum materials that are being solicited. One way to create more content, is to have more WikiEducators contributing and collaborating, and WikiEducator is working to increase educator participation. Finally, the primary beneficiaries of WikiEducator are learners. There is a significant need to connect millions of learners worldwide with the educational resources available through adoption, re-distibution and re-use of WikiEducator content.


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