10. Final Project

For the Final Project, you should now be working collaboratively in small groups to research and create a final presentation. Planning is essential – you need an outline, a project schedule and assignment of roles and responsibilities.

Working collaboratively at a distance is challenging. This project is intended to give you an opportunity to use skills and technology to work through the process to produce a web-delivered presentation that demonstrates application of technology and computers to a social task. That is the course objective. We have been working up to this throughout the semester.

Scenario: You work for Global Public Relations Inc. WikiEducator.orgis your client.

  • research and develop a wiki page outlining work on the WikiEducator global initiatives and provide examples of projects that are addressing the initiatives. These examples should include a range of projects by governments, non-profits and individuals that show work done and progress. Try to include examples can be adapted for use in other locations with similar needs.
  • worldwide promotion of the WikiEducator awareness program. Your page should be informative and interesting as well as factual. You are promoting the projects that are underway and encouraging others to see the value of the work and join in.
  • Recommendations – list things that the client, WikiEducator.org can do to help promoting and recruiting – if these existed, your PR job would be easier.
  • Strategy section – outline the assumptions you made for your presentation – audience, what they want to know. Describe your strategy for encouraging educators in your presentation. What was the thinking behind the presentation?

Ask questions if you need clarification.


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