campaign action items

Join the growing number of Americans who are fed up with the deception and wrong-headed ideas of our “representatives”  that don’t represent the people they are elected to represent.

The World’s Smallest Political Quiz stands ready to help you determine your political identity. Quick and relatively painless.

What you can do now – here a just a few ideas.

  • Register to Vote
  • phone, write, email…
  • buy and display a yard sign
  • bumper stickers, and more
  • wear a button, t-shirts, and more
  • other displays – coffee mugs
  • tell two friends
  • “friend raise” – encourage others to get involved
  • dress-up to promote tea parties, rallys, …
  • subscribe to the newsletter
  • suggest some light reading for like-minded activists
  • join one or more of the Libertarian social networks – Ning, Facebook, Google groups
  • LinkedIn – network with professional acquaintances
  • “tweet” about your beefs and suggestions for action
  • suggest other events and social networking resources
  • write an article for publication
  • write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  • talk to friends, discuss issues that matter where voters can have an impact
  • email a copy of interesting articles to friends
  • blog – post information and links to articles, organizations, write commentaries outlining your beliefs, concerns
  • Facebook – post to your wall or group about your reading and activities
  • support candidates adhering to Voters With Change Constitutional Authority Test
  • Twitter – let your followers know what you are reading and doing
  • write articles, letters
  • create a brochure, handout and/or card that other volunteers can distribute
  • create a video and publish to YouTube
  • share your publications as samples and templates
  • mentor others

Organizational support:

  • register and vote Libertarian
  • circulate petitions
  • run for office
  • help a local campaign
  • help organize local events
  • attend local events
  • work at my local headquarters
  • help with major mailings
  • make phone calls
  • work at the polls on election day


  • put a bumper sticker on my car
  • write letters to the editor
  • call talk radio programs
  • put a banner on my website
  • run an ad in my local newspaper


  • host a houseparty/event
  • help at someone else’s houseparty
  • help organize outreach tables
  • help staff outreach tables
  • distribute literature in my neighborhood
  • discuss the Libertarian Party with ten of my friends
  • e-mail ten of my friends and invite them to visit the LP website

Suggest other ways to get out the message and encourage others to join with us as we advance limited government and personal liberty.

More campaigning ideas

Bumper stickers



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