Moodle access, messages and email

Please log in then access the “course” – you are enrolled and should see the title in your list of active courses listed in the center panel and in the left navigation menu

We will be using Moodle to demonstrate technology to support active, cooperative and challenging learning experiences that contribute to student success and retention, based on Chickering & Gamson’s Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education.

There should be a couple of emails and messages waiting for you.

If you didn’t receive the information in the messages and posts, please edit your Moodle profile so you will get emails – either digests of full test of discussion posts, course news items, course internal emails, and messages. We will be using all these for communication in  the coming weeks.

Communication with students is really important when we use technology to support learning, especially in fully online classes, but also in hybrids and even in face-to-face classes that include technology for course activities.

You are a student and a participant in the workshop, so we want to ensure that all forms of communication are working.

Please let me know that you were able to access the course and receive one or more copies of the welcome messages.


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