1. Encourage student-faculty contact

from… 1. Encourage student-faculty contact

The first principle, Student-Faculty Contact is characterized by instructional tools where the instructor is in charge of the interaction with students. Students interact directly with the instructor for questions, comments and evaluations. The instructor may interact with students as a group in a lecture hall, classroom or online lecture (one-to-many) or individually (one-to-one).

Technology functions available to support student-faculty contact include discussions, assignments, quizzes, and course resources.

There are many simple technology tools available to enhance Student-Faculty Contact. This is one area where small changes can make significant improvements in student learning and retention. … 1. Encourage student-faculty contact


  • Are you ready for self-directed online learning? What Makes a Successful Online Student? Are you enhancing your on-campus course or developing a fully online course? Have you had an opportunity to see the student side of online learning first-hand?
  • Introductions and expectations (Explore) – What is your experience with enhancing instruction with technology? What are your expectations for developing and enhancing your own teaching with technology? What would you like us to know about you and your participation in this learning adventure?
  • Can you find your way around the course resources, activities and navigation? Click on any links that sound interesting. Keep a list of links that you follow. Was this what you expected? Is there enough information provided so understand what is going on? Do you know where to start? Can you get back to the main page? What instructions, guidelines and information do students need? Is the technology that is readily available within this workshop presentation clear?
  • What are the learning outcomes for your course as stated in your syllabus and course outline? Is it helpful to map the technologies covered here to support students learning your course content? Are there specific outcomes that you want to support with technology?

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