2. Encourage cooperation among students ..2



  • Student cooperation forum – How do you incorporate student cooperation in your on-campus class? What are some of the challenges with the current process? Would adding technology change the group dynamics? Do students do their group work entirely in class? If they work outside of class, how do you know what is going on?


  • Group project set-up – How would you go about adding a group project to your course? How are your dividing up the class into groups? How do you divide up students in an on-campus class? What tasks are students to perform as a group? What is the final product?
  • Discussions, messages, collaborative learning – Demo another one of functions or tools that looks interesting. Can you use this in your teaching? Does this technology support your learning outcomes? Would this be applicable to your course? How would it fit in with your learning outcomes?
  • Peer reviews – How do you use the peer review process? What is its applicability to student learning? Are there tools available online that will help students perform peer reviews?
  • Will you add a group project to your own course? How will you handle group selection? What is the group projects’ “deliverable”?
  • Course development – What are some ways that you could incorporate these tools into your teaching.
  • How are you doing? Review the criteria for this Principle in the Course Evaluation Checklist. Any new insights or applications to share?

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