4. Give prompt feedback ..2



  • Prompt Feedback – What forms can feedback take that promote learning? What technology can be incorporated to improve prompt response or facilitate extending feedback? What technologies are available to change the process of providing feedback?
  • Academic Honesty – Do you discuss issues of plagiarism, intellectual property, cheating with your students? What impact has technology had on academic honesty in general? Do technology tools for assessing student learning help or hinder?


  • Adding Feedback – How do you plan to incorporate technology enhancements to provide prompt feedback in your own instruction? To what extent are you planning to have the feedback automated to accommodate student-directed learning?
  • Response – What is an appropriate level of control and feedback response for learning being assessed? Should quiz feedback be a teaching tool?
  • Self-grading quizzes, comments and annotated assignments, chat – Which other Moodle functions or tools look interesting? Did you try any out? Did you have any problems? Can you use this in your teaching? How would it fit in with your learning objectives?
  • How are you doing? Review the criteria for 4. Give prompt feedback in the Course Evaluation Checklist. Any new insights or applications to share?

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