6. Communicate high expectations


Setting High expectations for students lets them know that this important and interesting. Being clear about what you are asking them to do directs their actions. Students coming to higher education at a community college vary enormously in background, recent academic experience and motivation for learning the subject. Expectations can be presented and reinforced through evaluation, communication, and modeling.

Learning outcomes

  • review communication tools
  • understand grading options and displays
  • review tracking features
  • discuss student expectations and instructor’s role in setting course expectations
  • participate in communication activities – asynchronous and real-time
  • explore grading options and settings in own course
  • discuss evaluating student participation and performance


You have the power. Students are sophisticated consumers of tech-based presentation. If your course looks technically proficient and professional, then your students are more willing to accept your high expectations of them. … 6. Communicate high expectations



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