4.1 give prompt feedback

Self-grading quizzes can be used to provide unlimited prompt feedback. Catalyst/Moodle separates Question and Quiz creation and editing for maximum flexibility and resuability.

If you have been using some other quiz generator or want to move questions between courses, the Import Questions function is available

Using the grading features for Assignments can assist you to provide prompt feed back by managing the presentation of student work, providing comment input boxes, grade selection and automatic recording, immediate return to students and reporting for completion status for you.

Why are you going this?

This is always a good question to ask yourself when considering adding technology to your courses.

a piece of very wise advise I picked up at an EduCAUSE
conference a couple of years ago.

A paraphrase (which, of course, runs the risk of my reinterpretation) that goes something like this: _when you’re thinking of introducing some piece of educational technology into a course design/development, ask yourself what you hope to achieve by doing so, and ask yourself whether or not you
could achieve the same thing by some other method. _

This was not a luddite talking, but a distinquished prof and expert in
e-learning. I’ve thought on this many, many times. In my school, we
complete around 50 curriculum projects/year and my early questions in every project are Why are we doing this? what do we hope to achieve? what’s the best way to approach this course? –Christine Horgan http://scope.bccampus.ca/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=16594#p67770


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