4.2 feedback

Reminder: The best way to participate is in the discussion forums in the TSL workshop “course”

I have received a bout of great comments by email but everyone would enjoy these too. Please post your comments and questions in the forum discussions so everyone sees them. Then I will post my reply, and others will have a chance to comment too.

And now, back to our regular program…

Instructor comments

Students like to know why they got points, as well as how they missed them. Instructor notes along with the assignment grade are accommodated as part of the regular point-assignment grading mechanism.

There are a number of features within the assignment grading to streamline grading student work. Separate windows, automatically displaying the next student’s assignment, sorting submissions by time submitted, are just a few of the tools to assist instructors and reduce the time and key strokes required to manage student work.

Students are sent notification when instructor comments are added to the assignment. It looks like this.

07M_0202 -> Assignments -> Games in Education
Valerie Taylor has posted some feedback on your assignment submission for ‘Games in Education’
You can see it appended to your assignment submission:

Assignment markup

For some assignments, it may be appropriate to annotate directly on the student’s assignment submission. There is an option to permit this which must be enabled, if you wish to use the tool. Usually, the instructor can add notes as a separate item (much like posting in a discussion). Only the student and the instructor can view these. With the markup option enabled, the instructor can actually edit the student submission.


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