4.3 evaluation

Most of the time we give feedback as part of an assessment or evaluation of students’ work. It is a great pleasure to provide feedback as a “guide on the side” as is encourage in discovery-learning or studio-style learning experiences.

from Purdue’s Discovery Learning Center – What is assessment?

  • How can I be certain my program is effectively meeting its objectives?
  • How can I determine if real learning is taking place?
  • How can assessment help me improve my program?
  • What are the tools I need to measure the outcomes of educational programs?

Moodle – Uploading files with feedback

Can I upload files with feedback for students on assignments?

Each of Moodle’s “Assignment” activities allow graders to give valuable feedback to submissions from students. The “Advanced uploading of files” activity stands out from the other assignments because it allows graders to upload a file in response to a student’s submitted file. This allows you to give much more in depth feedback and is especially useful when a grader has edited a student’s file and wants to upload the edited version for the student to review.


The Chat activity module allows participants to have a real-time synchronous discussion via the web. This is a useful way to get a different understanding of each other and the topic being discussed – the mode of using a chat room is quite different from the asynchronous forums. The Chat module contains a number of features for managing and reviewing chat discussions.

I very occasionally include a scheduled “Chat” session in my classes. I have even had guests come and “chat.” Chat is pretty low-tech. It just works. For the guest, I had students submit questions in advance so the guest could have pre-typed answers ready to go. I have been exceeding fortunate that the guest were also really fast typists, so there weren’t long delays in providing really rich responses to spontaneous questions and comments.


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