community service learning

Q: I was reading over the community service guidelines and I’m still slightly confused as to how we’re supposed to choose the service we’re going to write about. Is there a list we choose from, or do we need to find our own service outside of campus? Thank you

A: For CIS2 Community Service Learning, several projects are suggested. The primary ones can be done online – just like the rest of the course.

Project Gutenberg is a good example. Everything you need is online – instructions, project assignments, feedback. You register as a volunteer and the process starts. You can specify some preferences. You work at your own pace.

If you do community service in your community now, let me know and we can work out a project that is appropriate to CIS2 and the work you do. For example, one student helped out at a daycare at her church. She created a PowerPoint picture book on her laptop to teach the kids her second language. Another student taught a computer class to residents at his grandfather’s seniors center. These worked because the students were using computers and the internet on new projects for the community.

I am open to suggestions, too. If you find a great online community service opportunity, please let me know. There are lots out there waiting to be found and promoted.


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