Reflection assignment

Reflection – What have you learned about Privacy issues as they apply to Computers and the Internet in Society from the notes, readings and assignments? Are you more aware of computers around you? Are computers affecting society? This should be one or two paragraphs. Suggest 1-2 questions that you would add to the study notes questions. Submit your reply in the I Think… 2 assignment.

Clarification – this assignment is to be completed after you have completed all the other readings, assignments and discussions for the Topic. The prompt questions and the requirements are provided. Your response to this assignment must to longer and more thoughtful than your response to the “warm-up” discussion.

The discussion gets everyone thinking and talking about the topic, before getting into the rest of the assignments. Everyone knows something about each of the topics before working through the readings, discussions and the assignments. However, you should learn a lot more and have an opportunity to consider the issues and ideas in more depth. And that should inform your response to the Reflection assignment at the end of the topic work.


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