k-12 mooc

I have a couple of questions that I would like to discuss with this group

* How early can online learning be used with kids? How autonomous can they be at what stage? What kind of support do they need? At start up? Ongoing tutoring? Assessment?

* Can kids participate in MOOCs? How would that work? Would it be different than the examples such as CCK or eduMOOC? Are there any special age- or grade- development specific requirements to be considered?

I am also following the OERu study group within eduMOOC. Wayne is super organized and has lots of objectives to accomplish. He has proposed defining case studies based on other MOOCs. Here is the outline:

a tentative structure for each of the case studies as a starting
point, see for example the page for the CCK case study:


refine this writing the case studies but have
used the general format of:

* Overview (to establish the context)
* Vital stats (getting what numbers we can find, Eg enrolments,
participation using different technologies etc.
* Pedagogical model and tools — Describe the curriculum and delivery
approaches (I think a separate subheading on technologies may be required)
* Discussion (Strengths and weakeness, lessons learned etc.)
* Recommendations for planning the OERu


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