ready or …

Sometimes we just have to start even though we wish we had more time to prepare.

What is the class? Sounds like it is popular if it is full already.
Students are going to be appreciative because they were able to get
the class. If many selected the hybrid for the flexibility, that is an
extra bonus – they want to take it in this format. That is helpful

You have enough time to get the first couple of weeks organized with a
general plan for the whole course. You can work out the rest once you
get a feel for what works for your course and the students.

Consider using online discussions for the online component. These give
everyone an opportunity to participate and provide input – unlike
face-to-face where usually a few students participate, while others
are too shy or self-conscious or are limited by class time.

Could online research be required – find a site about a topic and comment on why this is important, for example? This is another good activity that can produce some great results.

Are there activities or discussion topics suggested in the textbook?
These can be adapted for online work.

Are there lectures by important people for your course material. These
are great to assign for viewing outside of your limited in-person
meetings. Use the meetings for helping students individually, for
small group interactions, and explaining difficult material.

There isn’t much difference between having some online activities and
being a hybrid. The online isn’t just an add-on but an integrated part
of the course. Personally, I think that hybrids are the best for
students AND instructors. Students work on some assignments and
discussions at their own pace with a lot of time and place
flexibility. But by meeting, there is the personal connection for you
and the students. Some things are just easier to cover in person.


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