learner-centered resources

I have a problem with classroom “education” at some level. This isn’t going to change anytime soon, so I am prepared to work with the system to change it. However, realistically, most teachers need some direction and support but that covers a very broad spectrum that state standards-based county-mandated curriculum maps don’t permit.

Actually, where I want to go with this is to a “path” for learners. The Michigan lesson plans and most of the “educational” web resources are geared to directing “teaching”. I’d like to get away from that entirely by providing a sequence of materials with side branches and depth and breadth coverage. The learners have some system defined requirements. The learners should also be responsible for some learning objectives / outcomes of their own.

Providing some guidance in the form of a path / sequence is important. Calculus isn’t interesting or knowable until you have some physics applications, so a “path” would include the appropriate preparation in both math and physics. I’m sure there are other examples that resonate for lower grade-levels.

Learning can and should be learner-directed IMO. Facilitators, mentors, tutors are important but different than “teachers” as they are currently defined.


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