N8599K 0.1 – planning and preparation

Stinson N8599KPreparations are underway for flying N8599K from KRHV to 7FL6.

Although the route will be determined by the weather, it is clear that IFR (I Follow Roads – either I-10 or I-40) will be the strategy. There are several stretches with no airports for 100 miles along both routes. Big difference from SF Bay Area and Florida where there are airports everywhere you look.

Several Stinson owners have replied to Lynn’s email to the list, with suggestions and offers of overnight accommodation.

We are waiting on the arrival of the Bad Elf – the GPS for the iPad, not some gremlin-like character. We will have a practice session with the upgraded electronic flightbag preferably before heading out.

Tech notes

  • planning questions and suggestions – email, SMS to friends and family, Stinson list
  • routes, airports – AOPA Flight Planner, NavMonster, NavAid, ForeFlight (iPad and iPhone), AroundMe, Google Maps
  • paper – aviation planning charts, sectionals, airport directory, AOPA flight log printouts
  • weather outlook and current – NOAA, AOPA Flight Planner
  • portable gear – iPad, Bad Elf GPS, 2 iPhones, hand-held radio, camera
  • iPhone / iPad apps – Foreflight, AeroWeather, Weather, AOPA Airports, AroundMe, Google Maps, WiFiTrak
  • trip report – WordPress

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