N8599K 0.1 sjc

Arrive SJC 11:30am. Rental car. Lunch. On to KRHV. Found N8599K tied down at the north end of the field as expected. Rear tire needed air. Some grit in the fuel from the left wing tank. Everything else was fine.

Started fine and taxied over to Flying S Aviation. Brian has been doing the work on the plane. Tire filled. Drained more fuel to remove any remaining grit.

Pat Smith – Stinson Associate president stopped by to chat and offer some travel tips.

Twice around the pattern – once 31R then once 31L. Tricky with all the noise abatement over the 12-14 schools directly under the pattern. Some small differences to adjust for with a new plane but two good landings so all was well.

Couldn’t find a step stool at Sears. Clueless staff no help.

Downtown San Jose. Walked through SJSU campus to Gordon Biersch for dinner with son Steve. First night of Octoberfest beer and menu. Garlic fries were wonderful as always. Walk back to car.

Best Western on Tully near KRHV. Convenient and comfortable. Good night sleep. Coffee in room so day off to a good start.

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