N8599K 2.1 Prescott AZ

Off Laughlin Bullhead City a bit late. Oops. Transponder not being detected. Can’t get flight following. This is not good. Not planning to land at Flagstaff because it is really high, but we were not comfortable without a functioning transponder. Landed Flagstaff KFLG – elevation 7014 ft highest runway on trip. No avionics repair. Have to go to Prescott to Mile High Avionics.

Gorgeous flight over Sedona.

Pretty stressful as options were limited and could mean staying over the weekend to get parts or replacement unit Couple hours later have dead original – too old to be worth trying to repair and a loaner installed in the plane ready to go in the morning. Huge thanks to Steve and Mitch at Mile High Avionics.

Too late and thunderstorm build up. Overnight in Prescott. FBO suggested Whispering Pines Bed & Breakfast. Will pick and deliver. Although we could have gone back to downtown for dinner we decided to get Indian (Taj Mahal) food to go. Place is up on the ridge overlooking city and valley. Wonderful views.

Prescott – Really green. Nice city with lots of amenities. Embry Riddle AZ campus. Celebrating Arizona 100 years of statehood this coming weekend. Expecting big crowds. Lots of food. Cultural events and celebration.

Roscoe – roadrunner metal and stone (large rock, actually) kinetic sculpture – mascot and ashtray for the pilot shop at the FBO.


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