N8599K 5.0 KMGM – 7FL6

Too tired to post yesterday when we got home…

Montgomery Embassy Suites includes happy hour and breakfast along with shuttle to/from airport. Off to a good start.

Three National Guard F-16s came around a couple of times before landing as we were pulling in to FBO Sat. Another taxied behind us Sunday morning as we were heading out.

Some weather around so stopped for fuel at KTHL. Wildy busy. Non-stop for 27 hours. Big football game between FSU Seminoles and Oklahoma (won). 150 planes expected. 260 showed up. Lots of NetJets, private everything, lots of highend – Barrons, Bonanzas. Ice machine died overnight so catering struggling to keep up. Lineups for men’s room – something you don’t see everyday. Lots of very hungover alums in Million Air FBO lobby.

Enough low cloud for concern so crossed most of Florida at 2000. Lots of reports changing frequently – IFR in thunderstorms, MVFR, VFR. Great to switch to Jacksonville – almost home. Few rain showers. Daytona in sight. Good sign.

Tom in Cub in air as we call our approach. Land 7FL6 rwy 5 – Mike, Donna, Eilene on hand to wave, take pictures! Great landing. Best yet. Lots of hugs. More pictures at the tree. Taxi to Pam’s hanger and clear out immediate stuff. All safe and sound and hanger door closed. Off the the Downwind for a beer – Tom’s treat.

Fantastic voyage. Lots to discover – sights, places, great people and a new airplane. A little stressful and frustrating at times (what do you expect from a 30 year old transponder that are flaky at best of times). Great trip. Lots of pictures, notes. Wonderful experience. Looking forward to the next big adventure.


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