types of work

three main types of work:
* transformational (typically involving physical activity, such as construction);
* transactional (such as routine jobs in call centres or banks, often still done by people but capable of being automated); and
* interactional (relying on knowledge, expertise and collaboration with others, such as investment banking or management consultancy).
Transformational work has been in long-term decline in most rich countries, shifting to emerging markets, particularly China, though wages in Chinese factories are now soaring. Now a wave of labour arbitrage and the substitution of technology for humans is starting to sweep through transactional work, wiping out many routine white-collar jobs in rich countries.


* pretty serious corruption apparently everywhere in government and taxpayer-funded agencies – TSA screener personal latest to be available for sale – accepting payment for quick pass through
* lots of people pretty unhappy with government – shuttle drive in Laughlin, for example but wildly different solutions – going to be problems when they throw out the current lot creating a vacuum
* Europe is a mess and not getting any closer to resolution
* Palestine wants UN recognition as state, but USA objecting
* outsourcing workers – good quality work for as little as $0.15 per hour – less than 10% of hiring someone in the US to do the same admin work – broker in Philippines has “employees” come to office, 20% premium for working in US “day” – research, web sites, other contracting available


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