N8599K memo to self

Hind sight is 20/20

  • ForeFlight provides radar and satellite views (only with good data coverage apparently) – would have been helpful if we had realized that and used it
  • having an additional in-plane axillary power source would have helped – maybe use the GPS on battery so we weren’t so concerned about running out of battery on the iPad – would have had more latitude to experiment with iPad in flight
  • WAC charts were nice to have – had them for most of route, missed them when we didn’t have chart coverage.
  • some rampies don’t know about pushing tail-draggers – may need supervision
  • real women rarely pump gas – surprisingly few self-serve pumps across the country
  • old iPhone camera pictures aren’t great, but newer iPhones take really good pictures
  • easy to take lots of pictures with iPhones and glad we did but need to keep better records of where they were taken and why – lots of what-was-that and why-did-I-take-this picture
  • plane trips and boat trips share the same planning criteria – you can arrange to meet at a place or a date but not both – best case would have been a 4-day trip, so our 5 days was well within plan
  • we were really fortunate – good company and we worked well together, weather was pretty good, the glitches were few and everyone was very helpful

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