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Topic: The Enchant.js story
lavrovsky> Sep 23 05:33AM -0700 ^

We talked about Akihabara, a hypercreative district of Japan, already in
this group. Just want to share another stunning new project coming from the
same street as the game maker – enchant.js <http://enchantjs.com/en/> is a HTML5
game engine made to be accessible to kids, with apparently over 200
games developed with it since the release in April.
The 19 year old founder came to the onGameStart conference in Poland
yesterday to tell the touching story of his game company, which I excerpt
here from this blog post: http://www.smashinglabs.pl/ongamestart-day-1
Anyone using Enchant.js already? See the code samples<http://enchantjs.com/en/sample.html> to
get an idea of how it works.
For those who read Japanese you might want to also check out
– – –

Enchant.js – Ryo Shimizu <http://twitter.com/#!/shi3z>

It was the strangest lecture I’ve ever heard. Ryo admitted that he is tired
and has jet-lag, also he spoke very rough English (like mine, but with
Japanese accent). He started live coding, wrote maybe ten or fifteen lines
of code and showed result in a browser – moving bear sprite.

Then it started to be totally out of control. He continued with his
presentation and showed some slides about Fukushima power plant, the
earthquake and its disastrous results. He told us a story about his family,
about people that lost everything and it was really quite touching. From
this events his company had emerged. Because after earthquake children were
forced to stay at home, they had nothing to do and play with. Ryo started an
educational company, UEI <http://global.uei.co.jp/index.html>, to teach
people of age 16 to 22 how to create simple online games. This is how
enchant.js was created, and the rest of presentation was about engine and
its impact in Japan. Ryo leaded a very funny speech, full of japanese words
nobody understood and english words nobody understood. I think it was great,
as it was the last lecture and everybody was tired, so a bit of
non-technical stories were really refreshing.

Also it was rather clear that enchant.js is quite powerful and easy to use.
We heard a stories about kids making over 100 games in 10 days after initial
release and housewives attending gamedev workshops, so check it out<http://enchantjs.com/en/> or
play some games at 9leap <http://9leap.net/>.


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