core curriculum paths

Would this work? There are lots of resources on the web for all of these topics in Intermediate Algebra. If there were lists of the online materials and a predefined path through them, along with “homework” assignments similar to what you have now, could your students work through these, seeking tutoring from you as they need it?

I’m working on a project to assemble and test some of these “paths” for core curriculum subjects. Intermediate Algebra seems like a good candidate – lots of material online for teaching and learning. Students already have a broad range of learning skills. Assignments can be designed and generated and graded through most course management systems to track student progress and identify where individual students need help. What do you think?

Anyone else have thoughts or suggestions?

On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 1:33 PM, Theresa …wrote:

Intermediate Algebra required teaching eight chapters in sixteen weeks given three contact hours per week.  The last two weeks of the semester were spent reviewing for the department final exam.  The course covered topics on the real numbers, linear equations, functions, systems of equations, polynomials, rational expressions, roots and radicals, and quadratic equations.
As you can see there was a lot to cover in a short amount of time.  A typical Intermediate Algebra course had a maximum enrollment of 35 students for each division.  To get better results as I do with tutoring I would definitely want to change the teacher/student ratio.  I would like to have  had a class size of 20 students.  It would also be helpful if two courses were created to cover the material now covered in one course.

I have no comment on what I’d want in the ideal classroom.  I have no plans  to return to classroom teaching.  If I were to seek employment in higher education in the future it would be at the school’s tutoring/assessment center.  Of course I am open to trying an on-line class.  I am always working on expanding my tutoring business and adding to my educational materials.


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