While working on a couple of K-8 projects, I have been neglecting the MOOCs around higher education issues. Now I need to scramble to catch up. New opportunity, new (to me) course, and new ideas for engaging students and having them expand the course for publication and create / document their personal learning spaces. And explore issues around open learning, student learning outcomes (SLOs), open textbooks, assessment and accreditation… should be an interesting couple of months.

Current plan

  • keep it simple – outline of what is needed for “content” for each topic
  • discussion cf. instructions – guide on the side
  • problem-solving – engineering process for projects – group and individual
  • provide list of sub-topics, a couple of links for each topic, general resources
  • develop rubric for assessing projects – group topic development, personal learning network
  • Moodle setup – copy over, new

Needs work – thinking things

  • “required” print textbook or open textbook?
  • adequate, integrated coverage of systems development process
  • creating Connexions capture of end-of-semester version of the course (WikiEducator to
  • personal learning networks – record, reflection, privacy issues
  • assessment
  • E in ADDIE
  • system development methodology as course framework – topics arranged within

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