teaching and learning with minecraft

I talked with an 8th grader from Silver Spring Middle School who will be coming to AITR next year. Yes, he plays Minecraft. Yes, he thought it would be very cool to be using it for school work. He seemed to get the idea right away that this was serious fun and could be hooked up with school subjects!

Now, what do I need to do to get the  Minecraft team to “deliver” stuff that I can incorporate into the Education Project in the Minedcraft Wiki for other educators?

This is such a cool, ground-breaking opportunity. The kids have come up with good suggestions for activities in all curriculum areas. These are terrific but they need to be developed further to ensure that they do work and so we can get a sense for what has to be in place for these to be classroom activities or individual student projects. In some cases, the kids have created demos that were lost with the Minecraft server upgrade, because they didn’t save their work – too bad as the demos were very effective in communicating their ideas. It is really frustrating. The kids have all these wonderful ideas and skills, but I’m not getting enough information, pictures, videos,  tutorials, links, … to write them up as “learning activities” in the wiki.

I just worked on an aviation and aerospace “learning activities” project and I think that some of these might even be fun to model in Minecraft. I really need a bunch of kids thinking creatively to figure that out.

This is an exciting opportunity and I know the Minecraft Team can provide important elements to the whole enterprise. This project will really rock if I can get them on-board.


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