4. Control

4. Control

Other components of information systems are the software and programming to transform the inputs into outputs, and to control the work of the hardware in the system. This includes everything from the 1’s and 0’s that are the basic building blocks of all digital systems to complex autonomous systems that do all the high precision calculations in the blink of an eye to get the Mars probe launched.

We are moving into the heart of information systems – software and programming. This can be very technical, but we also want to look at the “big picture” – how users, operators and management have to understand some basics to contribute to the planning and ultimate success of the information system.

Your Lifecycle projects are coming along nicely. Even though you will not actually build these information systems, it is good experience to work through the problems and ideas associate with developing an information system. It is great to see that you are thinking ahead and considering some very innovative features.

The keyword research and discussions are turning up some really good resources. Having many different levels of expertise and interests in the class means that there is a broad range of topics addressed. This is providing a great learning experience for everyone, including me!

For the I think… reflection questions, at the end of the Assignments, be sure to read the instructions. There is usually some specific question to answer. Some are a bit tricky – just to keep you thinking.


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