…your own WikiEducator user page

Each week the Assignments says:
Post this information to the discussion topic Lifecycle – [topic of the week]. Also, add the same information to your own WikiEducator user page.

I’m not seeing much updating of your own WikiEducator pages.

The idea here is that at the end of the course, you will have built a model information system development outline. Your work over the course will be documented in your own WikiEducator User page. The posts in the course discussions are interesting and a great learning experience, but they are spread out over the whole class and are mixed in with all the other students’ work and feedback on your work.

On your own User page, you can arrange and format your work. You can add information that is helpful to you. This is your own space so you can make it meaningful to you.

Also, adding your post to your own User page each week is good practice using WikiEducator, as you will need to use this tool for the project “presentations.”


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