NSB Balloon & Sky Fest

New Smyrna Beach Balloon & Sky Fest 2011 video

We will have about 35 balloons with dawn launch and night-time balloon-glow, an amazing line of performers for the Air Show.  ERAU has sponsored Edu.Zone which will include with demonstrations, displays, inter-active screens, Radio-controlled planes, Timeless Wings & Wheels Museum and educational items, Burns Sci-Tech School, NASA, planes from EAA.  ERAU will be bringing their jet-car, Inter-active demos, planes for static display, on-going TV programs, experiments and displays.  There will be balloon rides, airplane rides and helicopter rides, dressage by horses displays, a petting-zoo and Kids Zone for small children.  Live music.  Interviews.  
The EduZone mission is to stimulate the interest of young people and show them the potential of a career in aviation and all its connected industries.
Dates: March 23-25.  Hours 4.00 – 10.00 Friday; Dawn to 10.00 Saturday; Dawn to 4.00 Sunday.

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