Saylor Foundation Offering $20,000 to College Textbook Authors

Saylor Foundation Offering $20,000 to College Textbook Authors

The Saylor Foundation is offering $20,000 to college textbook authors and professors willing to openly license their works under a CC-BY license as part of its Open Textbook Challenge. By compiling college-level courseware that is freely available to anyone with Internet access, the Saylor Foundation provides an option for those individuals who seek a higher education, yet face monetary or geographical barriers. The Open Textbook Challenge is one of the Saylor Foundation’s efforts to diminish this accessibility gap by address the challenge of rising textbook costs.

Submitted texts that pass the Foundation’s peer review process and align with one of the eligible courses on will be entitled to the $20,000 prize and will be made freely available via The Foundation is also offering a $250 referral bonus for those who refer a textbook author to submit their work. (Click here to generate a referral link.)

This is a great way for textbook authors and professors to increase their visibility and to add their work to the academic discourse, outside of traditional publishing.
For more information, please visit the Open Textbook Challenge webpage. Submissions for Wave II funding must be received by May 31, 2012. Subsequent waves of funding are also being planned.


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