10. Technology advances and trends

10. Technology advances and trends

Advances in technology open up opportunities for new applications, businesses and services. There have been some surprises – personal computers, the internet, multi-purpose mobile devices, and more.

This week we will look to the future and think about “what if…” because you can have a hand it making it so. You have learned about the components of information systems and the process for developing interesting and important new ones. You may not work on these personally, but as a consumer, an employee, and a student you are part of the process.

About the assignments this week

There was a lot of interest in cyber attacks – this is good to know about. There is a fine line between fighting cyber crime and limiting the rights of everyone. This is a complex issue for society as we become more reliant on the internet for so many things in all our lives. Being aware of the risks is important. Take every measure you can to protect your personal information. The government can not and should not have the sole responsibility for protecting your stuff.

Yes, there are bad people in the world but there are many more wonderful, generous people who give freely of their time and money to make the world a better place for everyone. We need to remember and celebrate the advances in medicine, education, living conditions and information sharing.

Please read the instructions for each discussion in the Assignments page. The information at the top of each discussion is just a placeholder. It does NOT include all the instructions for the activity.  You will not get full points if you don’t include all the information required in the instructions in the Assignments page.

Discussion grading was a bit tougher this week – more points for early posting and completing all the requirements outlined in the Assignments page for each discussion topic.

Learning something that is surprising to you is what we aim to do here. That is personal learning – you have the opportunity to discover something new and important to you. This is different for every student in the class, even though the overall topics and activities are the same. Thanks for the feedback.

Coming up…

Time to start thinking about the Final Project. The collaboration introduction reading and quiz will be applicable in the final project work.

Please read through the Final Project information and start thinking about what you need to do. You will be working in groups of 2-3 that you select in the Final Project choice. You have to work this out among yourselves. You will not be assigned to a group, but you must work in groups.

Many students prefer not to work on group projects, but this is the reality of living in a online global society. Collaborative writing in a wiki page provides a good environment to practice this life skill.

The assignment for the final project requires both personal contributions and collaboration. The wiki application tracks all the edits and updates. You always see the “current” version of the project page – no more duplication and miscommunication. The results should be better than what any one individual can produce. This is the result of comparing and sharing information with others working on the same project.

Everyone brings their interests and ideas to the project. This can be a great experience. Enjoy!


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