11. Final projects

11. Final projects

For the Final Project, you will be working collaboratively in small groups to research and present lists of reviewed resources for CIS50 topics. Working collaboratively at a distance is challenging.

This project is intended to give you an opportunity to use skills and technology to work through the process to produce a web-delivered presentation.

Summary of last week – 10. Technology advances and trends

Several people enjoyed the Future of Technology and had questions about the sources and changes since the most-recent version was updated in 2009. If you plan to make a living in this global technology world, you need to do this for yourself. It took about two minutes to find the site and the document that references all the information sources. http://shifthappens.wikispaces.com/Sources

This week we were looking toward the future and what people are working on now that we will use in the future.

Wearable computing got a lot of interest. There is a lot of work being done in Materials Science and Engineering that will result in fabrics and other “wearable” devices that are “smart” for monitoring and controlling the properties and behavior of the material.

There continue to be lots of big questions without adequate answers. Privacy of information and better healthcare through sharing of information among medical practitioners is a good example. What risk of loss outweighs the potential benefits of access to patient records?

This was an opportunity to look into the future. What was once wild ideas in science fiction is technology that is in use today. Don’t limit yourself. Dare to think ahead. This is how innovation starts.


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