Final Projects – learning experience

Final Project summary

The Final Project pages are all really well done. The range of resources provide comprehensive coverage of the course topics. The differences in depth of information, format (text, diagrams, video) and areas of interest are wonderful. This is a great addition to the internet!

From your comments, everyone learned many important lessons.

Start earlier. Plan your work. Schedule your time. Communicate more. Show your work. Ask questions.

Some other comments and observations.

Personal learning

Jennifer’s selection criteria for choosing the topics
1. that the article advanced my own individual knowledge of the topic (if an article is too advanced for me, I will not learn anything) and
2. that the article was interesting to me. I could read and article that made sense but if I did not find it interesting, I paid less attention to the information.

WikiEducator pages

The final project pages are simple so that they can be accessed by anyone anywhere with any type of web access. WikiEducator pages are attractive without introducing browser and internet connectivity issues. This near-universal accessibility outweighs “pretty” pages.


Using the discussion forum for communication was recommended. There are too many problems with emails alone. And I don’t “see” the communication and collaboration.

If you do make decisions by phone, it would be a good idea to summarize your calls in the discussion forum.

Unfortunately, everyone has different schedules and priorities. Accommodating others and being flexible is the best way to get the work done.


This is a group project so you are encourage to work with group members, stay in frequent communication and ask for help. Working together in the wiki, it is pretty clear when others “get it” and you are having trouble. Need some assistance to do what they know how to do? Ask.

Steven suggested – I would have asked the other groups for advice, opinions, and general help. This would have led to a better class dynamic too.


Setting expectation is complex. Just getting to the place where you are ok working together through asynchronous (not instant) communication is important. What to do on your own and what must be decided as a group are difficult questions. Working in the wiki and the discussion provides a “trail” – everyone can see what is going on with the group and the project page.  No one has to guess what the others are doing. If you are struggling, your group can help you. That way everyone learns and the final results are better.

Online learning

As Jennifer observed – Not only did we learn about technology and information systems– we USED technology and information systems to complete a collaborative project without one face-to-face meeting.

It is hard to work collaboratively online. That’s why this is not an easy project, but a great learning experience.

Great work everyone!



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