300 calorie meals

While we are waiting for The Official Pocket Guide to Diabetic Exchanges: Choose Your Foods to arrive, Renee is recording everything she eats in her journal. She is also taking pictures of the plates. In Renee style, these are lovely to look at and very photogenic.

However she has jumped into changing her eating habits before we have a baseline. Not a problem, but it will be more complicated to determine what “works” for her because we don’t know what she used to do that was part of the problem. Not very scientific, but enthusiasm is important to making lifestyle changes. And that is what we are after.

Renee isn’t a breakfast eater, so this is going to be a challenge. She made a very pretty breakfast plate, photographed it, ate it slowly and was hungry an hour later. Looks like her portions were too small. She ate enough to get her digestive system working, without having enough to get her through to lunch.

So now we are going to work on meal plans and food groups. We will work on portion size later.

Sample menus

Breakfast – grain, fruit, milk
.. oatmeal with berries, yogurt

Lunch – 2 grain, meat, veg, 2 fruit
.. chicken (2oz) sandwich on multi-grain, baby carrots, banana

Snack – grain
.. popcorn

Dinner – meat, 2 veg, grain, fruit
.. fish (4 oz), green beans, squash, brown rice, pears

Snack – grain, fruit, milk
.. grapes, wheat crackers, milk

Totals – meat (6 oz), 6 grain, 3 veg, 4 fruit, 2 milk
.. approximately 1500-1600 calories

This gives Renee enough to get started. While she isn’t a snacker, she is a great cook and likes her own cooking – while it is in preparation as well as on the able with family and friends.

What do 300 calorie meals look like
This is a great resource – attractive pictures, specific foods and appropriate portion sizes.

Most people don’t realize that before they can lose weight, they have to stop gaining weight. Just one  chocolate chip cookie a day can result in 10 pounds per year. Do your really need that cookie? Eliminating calories 100 at a  time is another approach to healthy eating and reducing overall intake. We will work on that too.


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