down five pounds

Down 5 pounds. Just cutting back. Not too hungry – pretty good for the first week of a new “diet”. Probably just water. Weighs daily.

This is going to be interesting. We have only had a couple brief chats. We haven’t established any baselines other than weight at the outset. No discussion of goals, needs, preferences, strategies. Daily weighing will help stay on track realizing that there will be fluctuations, so long as there is an explanation for the ups, and they are only for a day or two, before returning to previous low.

Now she is off on a trip across the country for personal reasons – no cell contact, limited internet. Too busy preparing to leave on a flight at noon today to talk now. Back next Thursday.

We need to work on some basic skills. This isn’t a “diet” – it is about discovering healthy eating and habits for sustainable living. Lots of things could be better so changes are needed – weight, concerns about medication and underlying medical conditions, agility. There are some things that need big changes and immediate attention – portion size, including all the food groups in meals and snacks. Other things can wait and will come easily when some of the big items as addressed – fine tuning percentages of food groups, variety of physical activities.

But we are underway. Some small successes to-date. Raised awareness and a commitment to make changes. That’s important.


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