replacing textbooks – math

Just a quick note to let you know that information on OER mathematics series (links) have been merged successfully into the spreadsheets that contain the paper textbook information in .

Are you aware of any new efforts beside CNX and CK-12 to develop OER mathematics series?

Wow – looked through 7th grade. I’m working with a 7th grade math teacher on another project, so I am looking forward to getting her feedback on the CNX and CK12 OERs. I’d love to see them move away from traditional textbooks but they are not quite ready to go out on a limb. The science teacher who was prepared to go with no textbooks per se quit before that project got a foothold.  With all this work already done, it may be an easier (less difficult) sell.

Do you have any plans to map to the Khan Academy videos?

Additional distribution of your material – take a look at the OLPC Sugar Labs Replacing Textbooks information. They are currently using Booki to publish open textbooks.

I’m not sure if there is a fit, but… They probably have a bigger audience than you are getting for your information as it is, so some collaboration could mean additional visibility for your work. Even if they want to create new Booki textbooks, your work is a great outline for anyone wanting to take that on.

I’d like to see an easier way for classroom teachers to adopt open textbooks or OERs but it is too fragmented and without some authoritative vetting to satisfy the educational establishment. Your work and the Replacing textbooks project are big steps in the right direction. What can we do to shove it along a bit faster?

Here are some but they are all over the place – some fairly complete,
some just ideas.

There are many more creators and curators than there are users at this
time. But I expect that will change over time and there will be a more
orderly way to access the good stuff :o)


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