learning (weekly)

  • “Mobiles are becoming better understood in the academic world; there has been a significant amount of time spent finding creative ways to incorporate them both in the physical space and as a tool to help students learn from a distance. As educational institutions become more adept at developing and using mobile apps, their utility and pervasiveness is only due to increase. “

    tags: mlearning apps

  • “OER that provide opportunities for teachers and learners to address each of the Maine Learning Results through:

    1.vocabulary and grammar practice in writing, reading, speaking and listening activities,

    2.authentic language experiences including collaboration between teachers, learners, and native speakers

    3.exposure to native speakers and culture

    4.technology sites that would assist in world language teaching”

    tags: open Spanish directory resources learning

  • “Flip Card is the simplest memory game for the training.
    Play and Train your memory Two modes of free play and timed play.
    Four picture card decks.
    Simple stats.”

    tags: k-8 apps free game learning 12jun

  • “- Combines relevant images, videos, infographics and narration to describe millions of topics
    – Worldwide map highlights popular Qwikis at any zoom level and identifies Qwikis near you
    – Related Qwikis suggest other relevant Qwikis for continued learning
    – Interactive mode allows you to control the speed at which information is presented
    – Lightweight Qwiki format ideal for use via cell connections”

    tags: k-8 iPad free media socialstudies learning

  • “Year 5 classes to document which apps they use to concrete their own learning”

    tags: k-8 apps tools list learning

  • “develop the skills and understandings they need to find, process, and use information effectively. This smarter solution focuses on process as well as content”

    tags: learning

  • “mobile learning and some about learning in general”

    tags: mlearning resources

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