discussion threads

A couple of points about discussion participation.

If you are commenting on another student’s post, be sure to use the Reply link to that post. This ensures that your response is included in the “thread” for the discussion. To see the sequence of posts in a discussion thread, use the options at the top of the discussion topic to change the view to “threaded”. This is a great feature – test the other views as well.

If you are adding your own site that you have selected to be your submission for this discussion activity, reply to my post that is the first post in the topic. Discussions are graded assignments so this will help me see where your discussion thread begins. You get points for having a really interesting site and question that others reply to.

There are millions of web sites, videos and articles that have information about computers and society. These research and discussion activities are a great way for all of us to learn from many new sources. For your own web site selection, please provide something that has not been “found” already by another student.

There is no textbook for this course so we are relying on these discussions to provide a wide range of information about each topic. You will need to spend a couple of hours reading and viewing for each topic to replace the information presented in a textbook.


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