OLPC in Peru and implications for BYOD


OLPC in Peru – this is relevant even though the kids aren’t using their own devices. There are plenty of good lessons here. All the higher ed and North American schools are worried about their network security and in many cases this is a barrier that is not easily overcome. However, this stands in the way of much more important issues like teacher interest in using any of the technologies and applications and training for those who would consider having kids with their own devices turned on in the classroom.

Some of the problems cited are not issues in most of Volusia –
electricity, internet access. If kids are using their own devices they are limited or forbidden from using them at school, not outside school. The kids have basic skills for using their devices. As there are 1000s of apps to select from, the apps aren’t usually buggy.

Being able to test drive apps with kids, devices AND teachers is
really important, before getting all worked up about network support and an elaborate code of conduct with punishments for abuse. These aren’t the high priority issues. How can BYOD be used productively for teaching and learning? to direct planning and training need to be addressed first.


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