12m 3. Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is one of the most difficult topics we address in this course. It gets really technical very quickly. Much of the topic is beyond the scope of the course. You have done a great job gaining a basic understanding of the principles and sharing in the discussions.

The discussion postings are interesting and informative. I hope that you are enjoying them. Online courses with lots of discussion and participation seem to work really well. Although there is some variation depending on the mix of students enrolled, these are great learning opportunities for everyone, including me.

For each topic, there are keyword that will come up in the selected media and discussions about the topic. If you aren’t somewhat familiar with the words, look them up. Wikipedia provides information about all the keywords. Then you will have a basic understanding for your research and discussion contributions. If you still have questions about the keywords, please ask.

For I wonder assignments, make a note of ideas or questions that you had about the topic. You will have an opportunity to revisit a topic to look at it in more detail. Your I wonder… questions would be an interesting choice for this follow up research.

As an example, in his I wonder… questions, a student says… “Some questions I am still wondering about is piracy, can we really put an end to it? … Maybe stopping piracy indefinitely and trying to enforce it is the wrong way to go but maybe there is a way to innovate it?” There are lots of interesting articles on piracy.

Just to clear up an apparent misunderstanding about the course work and evaluation – There will be a couple of projects – MidTerm and Final, but there are no exams.


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