discussion grading

QUESTION: I have a question. When we are reviewing our responses or conversations, are the points to the right what are calculated for that week’s discussion? I saw that I had a 15 for Discussion 5 however when I add them up, it comes to 19. Can you please clarify? Thank you

I grade discussions to recognize thoughtful posts, assigned activities and contributions to the course dynamics. Not every post gets points. I have a base number of points for an acceptable post. I give extra points for “excellence” – posting early, posing an interesting question or providing a resources and description that gets a great discussion going, for example.

The points are automatically summed across the discussion topics. I make sure that it is possible to get more than the “total” points. If you do a pretty good job in all the discussions you will get the maximum number of points for the discussion. If your total is more than the maximum, your participation has been very good, and you still get the maximum.

This week’s discussions were “better” than expected so you were one of the significant contributors. Thanks.


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