Digital Residents and Visitors

I really hate the terms digital immigrants and natives. Please do not use these terms because they convey the wrong message about the range of uses, abilities and interests in technology.

If you must make a distinction, think about Residents and Visitors. All of us are both, depending on context.

  • Digital Resident – when the web supports the projection of their identity and facilitates relationships, for example, when socializing and ‘living’ through their student, professional and/or social network online.
  • Digital Visitor – when using the web as a tool in an organized manner whenever the need arises, for example use the Internet for a task, but do not need to, or have to, reply on it.

Doing school work for this class sort of falls into both! For the course discussions, as a RESIDENT, you have an identity and participate. Already, you know who your classmates are and have an appreciation for their contributions to the class.

For the searches, you are using the web as a tool. You are a VISITOR – Google doesn’t care who you are.


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