12m 9. Anytime, anywhere summary

It was interesting to see how personally everyone views “anytime, anywhere” in the I know… discussion and in the other activities. There were a few references to global communication and other advances besides person-to-person communication. These are important, but very limited.

For this course, it is important to remember that society is global – not just the Bay Area, California and the U.S. There were some references to friends and family in other parts the world. Having friends with similar interests around the world, who you only know online is something new. Belonging to online communities is a relatively new development.

Technology facilities many other activities besides communication such as data transfer and processing for research, forecasting and commercial use.

TED Talks are always interesting. The selections are great and the descriptions for choices are wonderful. This says a lot about the presenters and about you.

In the comments on one of the TED talks, “technology will make people more human by allowing them to interact in the physical world rather than being machines sitting behind a machine.” There seems to be some disagreement, but this is an important point. It is possible and very necessary. Portable technology is making a big difference – treating illness, monitoring the environment, meeting people in person, exploring space,… These can only be done in person in the world and beyond. So it is worth spending time figuring out how technology can make people more human.

Online courses can be really beneficial for many students who need time to formulate their response to a discussion who miss out in in-person classes – shy, self-conscious, English language learners. Some of these students in online courses have never participated in class discussions before!

As an online instructor and as an online student, I really enjoy a different but equally rewarding relationship with others in the class. I never miss any of the discussions. Everyone has an online persona that comes through in comments and explanations. I love the sharing of experiences and detailed descriptions. We have time for them all, as we aren’t scrambling out of class in the middle of a really interesting discussion or missing some great contribution from a shy student.

Some of the questions for the I think assignment could have been answered by just a quick search. I really want you to see if there are answers to your questions, not just wait for the answer to be provided. Think big. Make sure your questions are really addressing issues related to society as a whole, not just your own smartphone.

You can check your grades any time – Grades link in the left navigation menu on the main course page.

The final projects are coming up. Work on forming groups and adding your information to your group page. This is a great start.


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